Yeronga State High School

The Y Connect Project was conducted at Yeronga State High School, Brisbane, Australia – a Queensland Department of Education school. The school caters to students from Years 7-12 and has a student population of just over 750 students. These students are from a range of backgrounds, including local, refugee, asylum-seeking and immigrant backgrounds.

During the time-frame of the Y Connect Project, they cam e from more than 70 different countries, with 76% having a language background other than English. 51% had refugee backgrounds or were people seeking asylum.

Given these statistics, targeted programs are offered within the school to support young people who may be struggling to connect with learning, and because of this lack of connection, may fail to achieve learning success.

The school has been successful in winning several important educational awards based on these programs, and most recently was listed as one of just 44 schools included in an Australia’s Innovative Schools list.