The Y Connect Project

The Y Connect Project was established as a partnership between Yeronga State High School, Brisbane, Australia and researchers from Griffith University. It was funded by the Queensland Department of Education through its Collaboration and Innovation Fund (CIF).  The aim of the project was to bring together secondary students, teachers, school leaders, artists, arts organisations and researchers in an attempt to enhance young people’s sense of connectedness, belonging and engagement in learning.  To address these goals arts-based pedagogies were employed across the curriculum, teachers partnered with artists and arts organisations, and arts projects became part of the natural landscape of the school.

During its 2.5 year duration (2016-2018), more than 900 hours of Y Connect related activity took place, including 784 individual events ranging from classroom-based lessons and teacher professional development sessions, to formal and informal performances and displays. The work involved 48 teachers and 36 artists and arts organisations.

Six case studies were developed, while four research questions were used to identify the outcomes for students, teachers, and artists.