Funding and Partners

The Y Connect research team would like to acknowledge and thank the following organisations and individuals who have supported the Y Connect Project and the accompanying research program:

  • The funding for this Project and the accompanying research was made available through the Collaboration and Innovation Fund, Queensland Department of Education. The grant was awarded on the basis of a competitive application process. The Y Connect team would like to sincerely thank the Queensland Government for creating this funding opportunity and for their vision in supporting a learning project with belonging and engagement at its heart. 
  • This project would not have been possible without the support, encouragement and active participation of the Yeronga State High School leadership team. We would therefore like to acknowledge the following individuals: Mr Terry Heath (Principal); Ms Di Goodson (Deputy Principal); Mr Bob Logan (Deputy Principal); and Ms Jess Walker (Deputy Principal). We would also like to thank the various Heads of Department and Curriculum Leaders who worked so hard to support this Project. In particular, we wish to thank Mr Gordon Collis who drove the application process and who had the confidence to seek the level of funding that would make this Project viable. 
  • Thanks, must also go to Griffith University for its ongoing support for the research work, with special thanks to the School of Education and Professional Studies and the Griffith Institute for Educational Research (GIER).
  • Y Connect was all about partnerships. The Project team would therefore like to thank all of the individual artists and arts organisations who supported the work. Particular thanks must go to Circa, La Boite, Opera Queensland and QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre).
  • We also wish to thank the members of the Y Connect Steering Committee for their important contributions.
  • This Project was successful because of teachers. The teachers of Yeronga State High School were generous, enthusiastic and reflective. We thank them for the amazing work they did with artists and students, but also for their willingness to engage in the research process and to give so openly of their time and perspectives.
  • Finally, the Y Connect research team would like to thank the students (past and present) of Yeronga SHS who participated in this Project. They were are an incredible group of young people to work with, participating with energy and enthusiasm, sharing their views with honesty and passion.